How Many Calories In Goat Cheese?

In just one cubic inch or square of goat cheese there are about 91 calories and in one ounce of goat cheese there are approximately 105 calories. Approximately 70% of the calories found in goat cheese comes from fat while the remaining comes from protein and a slight amount of carbohydrates.  In one small cube (approximately one square inch) of goat cheese yields over 7 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein.  The calorie content is high considering the size of the food.  Just one small square of goat cheese runs about 100 calories.

There are alternatives to the high calorie and high fat goat cheeses.  These can be found in the aisle of the grocery stores that regular goat cheese is found in and are labeled as low-fat or low-cal goat cheese.  The lower calorie options reduce the total number of calories by a mere 10-20 calories but anything helps when you are trying to cut back on your calorie intake.

If you are using crumbled goat cheese on salads or pasta dishes and want to know how many calories are in the portion, remember that there are 510 calories for every one cup of crumbled goat cheese used.  The total number of calories may vary slightly depending on the brand but you can expect to find over 500 calories for every one cup of goat cheese used.

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