How Many Calories In Gin?

Gin is an alcoholic drink enjoyed by many. Most experts tell you that you should only consume a limited amount of alcohol if you are trying to lose weight and be healthy. So how many calories are in gin?

One ounce of 80 proof gin has 65-75 calories in it. The number varies depending on the type and manufacturer. 1-1.5 ounces is the typical amount used in one alcoholic drink. So, just two shots of gin has 130-150 calories in it. That’s not counting the other components of the drink.

Gin and tonic is a very popular alcoholic based drink. It sounds like it would be low in calories, but it has approximately 180 calories in it. That’s because the tonic has a lot of sugar in it. Mixing sugar and alcohol is a dieter’s nightmare.
If you want to enjoy a gin based drink then make sure you stick to low calorie or diet mixtures. By switching to diet tonic you are not adding any additional calories other than the gin.

To stick to your diet experts recommend that you consume no more than two drinks per week. Two diet gin and tonics per week only adds 260-300 calories.
You can make up the calorie difference by increasing your exercise, cutting back on other calories or doing both. These numbers are based on 80 proof gin.

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