How Many Calories In Garlic?

Garlic can be used for cooking just about any food, from vegetables to meat.  But, have you ever wondered how many calories are in garlic and if you could be consuming too many calories by adding it to your food?

Garlic is extremely low in calories and is not hurting your count when it comes to food consumption.  If you are trying to keep your calories low, yet love your garlic, you will be happy to know that adding it to your favorite meat dishes is still very safe.  In one teaspoon of garlic, there are about 5 calories.

Most people enjoy garlic from the jar (already prepared) or mince it themselves.  Either way, the calories are extremely low.  In one garlic clove there are about 50 calories total.  However, most people cook with a lot less garlic than that amount.  One to three teaspoons is the normal amount used while cooking.  This standard amount will present about 15 calories in total.  That is not many calories when it comes to flavoring up your bland diet food.

Garlic is an approved weight loss food because it is so low in calories, yet offers the body a wide array of antioxidants. While the research is still out, many believe that garlic is a magic food that actually improves weight loss efforts.  Garlic is not the food you want to cut out of your diet!


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