How Many Calories In Garlic Bread?

Garlic Bread is the perfect compliment to pasta dishes such as spaghetti and Fettuccine. Taking a bite into a warm and soft piece of garlic bread is like heaven on earth. Now no one has ever claimed that garlic bread is healthy. But whats the damage? How many calories in garlic bread are there?

One slice of small garlic bread has about 55 calories in it. Not bad right? Well, that's without the butter and cheese. Add that into the mix and you've got a piece of bread that packs a calorie punch to the tune of 275 calories ouch!
The thing that is so bad about garlic bread is the high percentage of worthless calories and low quality carbohydrates. White bread is basically void of any nutrients, vitamins and fiber because it is stripped of those components.

The carbohydrates in bread cause a major spike in glucose levels causing the body to experience a burst of energy followed by a crash. This means you'll feel sluggish and hungry in no time.

Its certainly okay to enjoy garlic bread once in awhile, but it may be a good idea to use low fat butter spread and leave off the cheese. This will keep the calorie count down in a big way as much as 70%.

If you really want to get healthy, try using whole wheat garlic bread or toast instead.

Suzanne Somers

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