How Many Calories In Fruit Salad?

Ever wonder how many calories are in fruit salad?  The answer can be ambiguous, because it all depends on how it is prepared.

Fresh fruit, elegantly sliced and prepared in a shelled and scalloped watermelon bowl does not contain hardly any calories.  Add some whipped cream, yogurt, sugar and sweetened strawberries, and you will have served up as many calories as a bowl of ice cream.  Yes, it is all in how you prepare the fruit salad.

If you are trying to lose weight and cut your calories, you will want to prepare your fruit salad in the most natural way possible.  Eliminate the whipped cream and sweetened or processed fruit and stick to the natural stuff.  Wash your fruit, slice it up and serve it raw.  This is the best way to prepare a low calorie fruit salad.

A fresh fruit salad made from all things natural, consists of about 70 calories per cup.  When you add all the extras and sugar included, you can rack up another 200 calories per cup.  This will not help you in your weight loss efforts.  It is best to keep it simple and raw, allowing your waistline to shrink.

So, how many calories are in fruit salad really depends on how you prepare it and how much you eat of it.  The smaller and fresher the better.

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