How Many Calories In Frozen Yogurt?

In one scoop of nonfat frozen yogurt weighing about four ounces, there is approximately 100-120 calories and zero grams of fat.  This is a low ration when it comes to dessert, as most ice creams contain 250-300 calories and 15 grams of fat in the same sized portion. The number of calories in frozen yogurt depends on a variety of factors.  The brand, ingredients and yogurt type all impact the calorie content.

If you are trying to lose weight but want something sweet, frozen yogurt can be a great alternative to ice cream. However, you want to eat only fat-free or reduced fat frozen yogurt that is low in calories and sugar. Some of the reduced fat frozen yogurt varieties may contain a slightly higher calorie content but overall are about the same.  However, reduced fat is not the same as nonfat, and if you are trying to cut back on saturated fats you may want to avoid reduced fat frozen yogurt.

Trying to cut calories even further?  Eliminate any and all toppings!  Yes, you heard correctly.  If you top your frozen yogurt with chocolate syrup and whipped cream you add on another 100-150 calories.  This is not the best plan for a dieter’s menu and defeats the purpose of having the nonfat frozen yogurt in the first place.  Keep it simple, but get creative with yogurt flavors.

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