How Many Calories in French Toast?

In one slice of French toast there is approximately 125-150 calories depending on the type of bread you use and how many eggs.  There are not as many calories in French toast is one might think because of its sweet taste and texture, but if you add powdered sugar, table sugar, butter or brown sugar the calorie content can begin to sky rocket.  Most normal sized pieces of French toast made with a traditional recipe and without butter consist of 100-150 calories.  For an alternative recipe, you can enjoy light bread, egg whites and no sugar at a rate of 75 calories per slice.

In two slices of French toast that made on homemade bread and with a traditional recipe there are about 210 calories.  If you cut that quantity in half and only consume one slice of French toast you can enjoy a tasty breakfast of 100-115 calories.  Now, when you top your French toast with butter you can add another 80-100 calories and with syrup, another 50-100 calories.  If you are not careful, one slice of French toast can offer 300 calories.  If this is not the route you want to take, eliminate the butter and syrup and sprinkle the top with cinnamon and a light coating of powdered sugar for sweetening.  Fresh fruit can also be added to the top of each slice, keeping the calorie content low.

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