How Many Calories In Feta Cheese?

Ever thought about how many calories in Feta Cheese and how much of it you should eat?  In just 1/4 cup of feta cheese there are on average 80 calories.  One-fourth of a cup is the standard size of feta used to sprinkle on a salad or on top of a pizza slice or two.  The feta cheese is lighter in calories than some other cheeses, but not ideal for those trying to cut calories drastically and lose weight.

If you are using a block of Feta Cheese, as opposed to the crumbled kind, you should get a more accurate reading on calorie content.  When you crumble the cheese, it can be difficult to break it into uniform pieces and measure accurately. Cutting off a wedge of the cheese and then weighing it on a food scale will give you a more definitive number.  The standard size is one or two ounces.  There are approximately 100-150 calories in a one-ounce wedge of feta cheese, and 200-250 calories in a two-ounce wedge.

The calories can also vary depending on which brand you are using.  Some brands contain more calories and higher fat, while others offer a reduced fat and calorie content. Feta cheese is high in fat and in a half-cup of crumbled feta cheese there are nearly 15 grams of fat.  If you are trying to watch your weight, feta cheese may need to be left off the menu.

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