How Many Calories In Egg Salad?

In one cup of home-made egg salad there are about 300 calories. This may be a lot of calories if you are trying to cut back on the number you consume and lose weight, but the good news is that you can prepare your egg salad the low-cal way and save yourself from consuming too much fat and calories.

Home-made egg salad is the way to go when you are trying to lose weight.  Store bought egg salad is very high in fat and calories.  Egg salad can be prepared the healthy way by using reduced-fat or reduced-calorie mayonnaise, which yields 100 calories per tablespoon, lettuce, mustard and other low-cal ingredients.  One cup of reduced-calorie egg salad made with egg whites only offers about 180 calories.  That is a huge reduction in calories for those of you keeping track of the number.

Egg salad may be used on sandwiches, in between lettuce leaves or eaten alone.  It can be a healthy protein source that is packed full of vitamins and nutrients.  The key to making egg salad healthy and low-cal is to use egg whites and a lot of veggies. Getting creative with your salad can keep things exciting and you will never grow bored from eating this dish.

A great way to cut calories is to replace some of the mayonnaise with mustard.  You will change the flavor, but will also cut the calories.

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