How Many Calories In Cornbread?

Looking for the detailed facts on cornbread specifically how many calories are in cornbread? The number of calories depends on the mix and how the cornbread is prepared. If you use whole milk, buttermilk or honey, the calorie content can be higher than if skim milk is used to prepare the cornbread. Butter also plays a critical role in raising the number of calories in cornbread.  If you use a lot of butter on your cornbread, you can expect the calories to sky rocket.

In one small square of cornbread, made in the traditional way, there are about 125 calories. Jiffy corn muffin mix offers 175 calories in one cornbread muffin.  Adding butter will change that number to about 225 calories per muffin.
Trying to reduce the number of calories you consume each day?  Try eliminating the butter from your cornbread and eating it plain.

There are simple seasonings that can be added to your cornbread mix that do not contribute any calories and can make the bread quite tasty without adding fattening butter. Also, in an effort to reduce the number of calories consumed, try cutting your portion sizes. Instead of cutting a large piece of cornbread, opt for a small square about two to three inches in width.  You can reduce your calories by nearly fifty percent when you cut back on portions.

Knowing how many calories in cornbread can help you to cut back where you need to.

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