How Many Calories In Coke Zero?

Coke Zero has become one of the most popular forms of Coca Cola because it tastes the same as regular Coke without the calories and sugar. But how many calories in Coke Zero are there?

It depends on the amount. One serving size of Coke Zero (12 ounces) has zero calories, but the drink actually has .75 calories per liter. And that's why people love Coke Zero so much. They can drink as much as they want without the calories.

New studies show that Coke Zero and other zero or low calorie sodas may not be the weight loss panacea that they appear. Studies show that people who consume two or more of these diet sodas are more likely to be obese and have health problems.

The studies are not conclusive and have been a source of great debate. Some say its not the sodas and that it is what people eat along with their Coke Zero. You see, many people appease their guilt by ordering a Coke Zero along with their huge cheeseburger and fries yet feel they did themselves a favor by getting a soda with zero calories. Flawed thinking to say the least.

Anyway, Coke Zero should be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet that also includes plenty of water. Make sure that Coke Zero does not count as part of your daily intake of fluids. You still need eight 8 ounce glasses of old fashioned water.

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