How Many Calories in Coffee with Cream and Sugar?

The calories in a cup of coffee seems harmless, but it can easily sabotage your weight loss efforts if you load it up with all of the extras.

Coffee in and of itself is pretty healthy. One cup of black coffee has only two calories and has a variety of antioxidants because it is a plant based food. It’s when you add all the extras that you get into trouble. Adding just one tablespoon of heavy cream results in an extra 53 calories. The average person uses two tablespoons. That’s an extra 106 calories. One tablespoon of table sugar is 50 calories. Half and half is about 25 calories and skim milk is five calories in one tablespoon.

So, let’s say you add two tablespoons of heavy cream and two tablespoons of sugar. That’s an extra 206 calories. Let’s also assume that you drink the average of three cups of coffee per day. Add up those numbers and they are not pretty. That’s an additional 618 calories per day!

The best way to manage this is to simply use lower calorie versions of your favorite ingredients such as stevia instead of sugar and low fat cream or milk instead of heavy whipping cream. The same cup of coffee with stevia and half and half would only be 52 calories instead of 206. As long as you stick to those ingredients you should be able to enjoy your coffee guilt free.

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