How Many Calories In Coconut Water?

Sports Drinks come and go. One of the most popular right now that seems to have some staying power is coconut water. It’s actually been used for many years, but has just now reached mainstream popularity. Coconut water has approximately 47 calories per serving. The typical serving size is one cup. This calorie content bodes well for people who do not want to consume high calorie, sugary sports drinks that can have as many as 200-300 calories per serving.

Coconut water is a great alternative to plain water because it tastes great, is low calorie, and is good for you. Of course nothing should ever replace your water consumption, but there are far worse options than coconut water.

Many athletes and sports enthusiasts have taken to coconut water because it is filled with electrolytes for hydration and potassium that can keep your body from cramping. Coconut water also has 25% of your recommended daily value of carbs in it along with 10% of your sodium intake. This makes it one of the most effective drinks to consume before, during, and after your workout or sporting event.

Coconut’s calorie content is low, but remember that it does have quite a bit of sugary carbohydrates in it. This can be have negative health consequences for people who are trying to lose weight through a low carbohydrate diet plan or lifestyle.

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