How Many Calories in Chocolate Milk?

How many calories in chocolate milk depends on the type of milk used, as well as the brand.  A bottle or glass of chocolate whole milk offers more calories than a glass of reduced fat or skim milk.  There are also a wide variety of chocolates, including dark chocolate, white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate milk, that offer a wide range of calories.

In eight ounces of reduced fat or 2% chocolate milk there are approximately 180-200 calories.  This is not a high calorie snack if eaten with something small and light.  In fact, milk does do the body good if reduced fat milk is consumed and eaten along with a nutritious meal plan.  Milk offers the body a number of nutrients and vitamins that the bones and body need to operate healthfully.

Milk offers a great source of calcium and vitamin D that cannot be found in many other foods.  While whole milk may not offer the low calories and fat you are looking for to lose weight, drinking skim or reduced fat varieties can help you eliminate the waistline.  Whole milk offers 200-220 calories per glass, not including the chocolate, and skim milk is only 150 calories per glass.  Obviously, in order to reduce calories you will want to consume a skinny chocolate milk rather than a whole milk variety.  The taste is nearly the same.

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