How Many Calories in Chocolate Covered Pretzels?

Chocolate Covered Pretzels are a tasty treat that sound healthy, but how many calories are in chocolate covered pretzels?

It really depends on the size, but the average chocolate covered pretzel dipped in dark chocolate has approximately 50 calories in just one. That would be fine if you could eat just one. The fact is that most people eat anywhere from 6-10. That doesn’t sound like much, but the calories add up big time. Just 8 pretzels equals 400 calories!

There are multiple problems with this picture. First off, consuming just eight pretzels is far from a satiating meal. You will undoubtedly want to eat again in an hour or so. That means you will end up consuming too many calories in your day. This leads to serious weight gain.

The second problem is that pretzels have literally no nutritional value in them. Especially the types that are used to make chocolate covered pretzels. So you’ve just consumed 400 calories with little nutritional value that will cause you to be hungry in just a short time. Sounds problematic to say the least.

The last problem with eating chocolate covered pretzels has to do with the high amount of carbs. The chocolate and pretzels will cause your insulin levels to go high and crash. This is the cause of the dreaded carb crash. It’s best to consume a few pretzels with a protein to regulate insulin levels and to help avoid eating too many.

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