How Many Calories In Chips And Salsa?

Who doesn't love Chips and Salsa? The crunch and corn taste of the chips combined with the spicy salsa make it the perfect snack and party food. But how many calories in chips and salsa are there?

A serving size of 12 tortilla chips combined with two tablespoons of salsa has approximately 145 calories. That's surprisingly high for such few chips. Its pretty difficult to keep your serving size down to just 12 chips. In fact, most people end up eating about three times that amount. And who uses just two tablespoons of salsa for 12 chips?

The average person eats about 35 chips and six tablespoons of salsa for a total of 455 calories. So it turns out that eating chips and salsa may seem like you're cutting calories, but in actuality you are consuming a lot of carbohydrates, fat, and sodium. It may have a full serving of vegetables, but the negatives far outweigh the positives.

If you want to enjoy chips and salsa without all the calories and sodium then utilize baked tortilla chips along with low sodium all natural salsa. This will cut the calories by 40% as well as drastically cutting down on sodium levels that are present in regular tortilla chips and salsa.

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