How Many Calories In Chicken Tenders?

There are not a lot of calories in Chicken Tenders.  These are also referred to as Chicken Tenderloins and often added to the menu plans of dieters and bodybuilders across the globe because they are so low in calories and fat.

Chicken Tenderloins offer about 80 calories per breast tenderloin.  This is not many calories for your lean protein source.  They are so low in calories, that they can be eaten for any meal and still cause you to lose weight or keep the pounds at a bare minimum.  Chicken tenders are extremely lean and contain a lot of protein per serving.

Chicken Tenders are a popular diet food, not only because they are low in calories, but because they are also low in fat and quite tasty.  They can be very versatile and prepared in a wide variety of ways.  Chicken Tenders can be grilled, baked or boiled and provide a very lean protein source that is good for you and your waistline.

Two Chicken Tenders offer about 150-160 calories.  This means that eating 4 at a time wont hurt.  Combine the tenders with a healthy portion of broccoli and brown rice and you have prepared yourself the perfect lean meal. If you are watching your calories, keep your portions low.  Now that you know how many calories are in chicken tenders you can decide the best way to prepare them and how many to eat.

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