How Many Calories In Chicken Noodle Soup?

Chicken noodle soup contains flour-enriched noodles which are high in calories.  Combine the noodles with a lot of sodium and the soup may not be as good for a cold as the old-wive’s tale reports. Depending on the portion size, there can be as many as 400 calories per serving in chicken noodle soup.

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup is one of the most popular brands of this variety and offers only 140 calories per can. This is low in terms of chicken noodle soup calories.  There are a lot of other brands that offer 220 calories or more per can.

If you are wanting to cut calories, some people make their own chicken noodle soup at home.  This can be done with a small can of chicken broth, that is typically 40 calories per can.  Whole grain noodles can be added versus the white flour noodles that add more calories.  One cup of chicken noodle soup made at home can yield as low as 70 calories per serving.  Eliminate the noodles and you will cut the calorie content by nearly 70%.

Chicken noodle soup is a tasty snack but does contain a lot of sodium.  You can eliminate the sodium by using low-sodium broth and increasing the water amount in the soup.  Flavor it up with fresh herbs and veggies and you have a healthy snack that is low in calories.


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