How Many Calories In Chicken Lo Mein?

Lo Mein is one of the most popular dishes on the Chinese restaurant menu. It is made with long round noodles and vegetables mixed and stir-fried in oil. Lo Mein is pretty unhealthy and should best be enjoyed in small servings and limited occasions. But just how many calories are in Lo Mein? Let’s find out.

Just one cup of chicken lo Mein has approximately 300 calories in it and 90 calories are from fat. Lo Mein has all the components of a meal that if eaten on a consistent basis will add inches to your waistline. It has a lot of fat in it from the oil and is made up of mostly carbohydrates that get converted to fat. Not a good combination.

It’s okay to eat Lo Mein once in awhile, and by no means should you abstain from it altogether – especially if it is a food you enjoy. The key is to know your boundaries. Having it on special occasions is best. That way you’ll enjoy it more anyway.

If you’re going to have Lo Mein it’s best to eat it as a stand alone meal. Most people have it along side their main entree of Chinese food such as sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. This type of meal can easily have more than 1,000 calories in it along with tons of fat and cholesterol.

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