How Many Calories In Chicken Fajitas?

How many calories in chicken fajitas are there you ask? One traditional chicken Fajita that's homemade has approximately 380 calories. This includes all ingredients such as tortilla, chicken breast, cheese, vegetables and condiments.

Chicken fajitas are a tasty Mexican dish that has become popular with people of all ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. Chicken fajitas can be very healthy or unhealthy depending on the recipe you utilize. Fajitas are also a common food item on many restaurant menus.

Chicken fajitas can actually be part of a healthy diet provided you use healthy ingredients. Even individuals on low carb diets can eat chicken fajitas.
For example, a recipe using lean chicken breasts, low fat sour cream, and low carb tortillas and vegetables will have about 200 calories in one entire medium sized Fajita. To go along with the calories, you also benefit from consuming about 30 grams of protein and the vitamins and nutrients found in the vegetables. And for you low carb people, one Mission low carb wheat tortilla has only 4 net carbs.

On the other end of the spectrum you can make a chicken tortilla that is very unhealthy. Using regular tortillas along with fattening chicken, cheese, and sour cream, you can have a tortilla that has as many as 700 calories in just one.

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