How Many Calories in Chicken Curry?

Chicken Curry contains over 500 calories in one cup served over steamed rice.  If you are looking for a light dish that is low in calories, chicken curry is not it. However, eliminate the white rice and add veggies to the curry and you can lessen the blow to just under 300 calories per cup.  Most people eat curry over white rice but this is not a good option for those who want a dish that is low in calories. Also, if you are watching your sodium intake, chicken curry is not the best choice.  A half-cup of chicken curry contains over 600 mg of sodium.

The leanest way to prepare chicken curry and keep the calories low is to use chicken breast and make a lighter version of curry sauce.  Eliminating cooking oils and grease can further lessen the calorie content.  In a prepared dish of chicken curry using half a chicken breast, there are 180 calories and 9 grams of fat.  Chicken curry contains 15 grams of protein and just over 6 grams of carbohydrates.

Other forms of chicken pieces can be used to prepare the dish, but chicken breast provides the leanest option.  Chicken tenderloins can be used if you prefer and the calorie content is about 170 calories per serving.  If you use dark meat you can expect the calories to increase slightly as there is more fat in each piece.

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