How Many Calories In Cherries?

Cherries are a great fruit snack for adults and kids alike. The sweet and tart taste is the perfect combination. The United States Department of Agriculture states that adults and kids should eat plenty of fruit every single day. Cherries are full of vitamins, nutrients and fiber. But eating too many can cause the calories to add up. So, just how many calorie in cherries are there?

One cup of cherries with the pits has 75 calories. That's a really low number that bodes well for dieters. Most health experts recommend eating 5-6 small meals spread out throughout the day. The calorie content should fall somewhere between 1800-2300 depending on factors such as size, gender and health. That means your meals should range between 300-380 calories per meal. So a perfect meal could include a cup of cherries, a cup of yogurt and some lean protein like chicken.

For dieters on low carb diets, cherries may not be as good of an option. Cherries are relatively low in carbs for a fruit, but still have 19 grams per cup. That level means they are not an option during the initial phases of popular low carb diets like South Beach or Atkins, but they may be an option down the road when more carbs are allowed. Knowing how many calories in cherries there are should provide you with information to help you count calories.


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