How Many Calories In Caesar Salad?

Caesar Salad sounds healthy, but it tastes too good to be healthy right? Many people are tricked into eating salads loaded with fat, calories, and carbs, but walk away thinking they just did a good thing by eating a salad. Then they wonder why the scale always is moving in the wrong direction. If you want to lose weight you have to count calories. This leads us to the question of how many calories in a Caesar salad are there? The answer is approximately 250 calories in a one cup serving of Caesar salad! That's quite a bit!

Here's some more depressing news Caesar salads are a lot bigger than one cup. Most are two to three cups. That means most Caesar salads run about 500-750 calories. Ouch! The calories come from the fatty chicken and high calorie Caesar dressing used to make them. Oh, and lets not forget the huge croutons that are about as big as a boulder.

Okay, now for some good news. Caesar salads can easily be turned from health nightmare to calorie friendly dream by switching out a few ingredients. All you have to do is nix the croutons and use low calorie Caesar dressing and lean chicken breast meat. Using these ingredients makes the 500-750 calorie salad about 200-300 calories. And its very healthy, especially if you make it with leafy green such as spinach.

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