How Many Calories In Beef Stroganoff?

There’s not much better than a hot plate full of tasty beef stroganoff. This is one meal that both adults and kids alike love. It’s a meal served in both restaurants and at home. No one has ever claimed beef stroganoff to be healthy, but just how many calories in beef stroganoff are there?

The average beef stroganoff with white noodles and ground beef has a whopping 420 calories in it – and that’s just one cup. It’s safe to say that the average person eats far more than one little cup of beef stroganoff. In fact, it would be safe to say that the average adult easily polishes off two cups without a problem. That means you have just consumed a total of 840 calories plus any other foods or beverages you consume that have calories in them as well.

If you want to enjoy beef stroganoff you can substitute the unhealthy ingredients for healthier ones. You can use fat free margarine, skim milk, lean turkey burger and whole wheat noodles. It’s still going to taste great but will have approximately 45% less calories in it.

The problem with regular beef stroganoff is that it has a lot of fat from the beef (about 27 grams per serving) and a lot of carbohydrates because of the noodles. Sure you’ll get plenty of protein, but that’s about the only upside it has.

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