How Many Calories In Bacardi Rum?

Longing for that alcoholic drink that hasn’t been on the menu for weeks due to your weight loss efforts?

Most rum varieties, including Bacardi rum, provide about 100 calories per shot, or 1.5 ounce.  This means that when you order a double rum and coke, you can expect at least 200 calories in alcohol alone.  The other calories will come from whatever ingredients you choose to add to the alcohol.  Rum is high in calories compared to other alcohols but does not contain any fat or cholesterol. Rum is mostly made of fermented sugar cane which is why the calories are so high.  There are both light and dark variations of rum, with Bacardi being among the darkest.  The darker the rum, the more calories there are per ounce.

Bacardi rum offers a number of infused rums that are slightly lower in calorie content, by just a few.  Some of the infused rum choices include a citrus blend, apple, melon and cherry.  The rum is sweetened with fruit and provides a full-bodies taste that is great for mixed drinks.  Infused rums contain about 90-100 calories per shot glass of alcohol and are usually mixed with fruit juices and syrups that make the calorie content in excess of 400 per drink.  For a low-cal rum drink, ask for Coke Zero or Diet Coke and one single shot of rum to keep the calories around 100 per glass.

Suzanne Somers

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