Are Lima Beans Good For You?

Yes, Lima Beans are good for you. Whether you have them fresh, dried or canned, the nutrient content for every serving of of Lima Beans will be the same.

You should also know that Lima Beans are a grade A source of fiber making it an ideal food complement. Compared to other legumes, Lima beans lead the pack in terms of fiber-richness.
Lima Beans are low in fat content, rich in insoluble fiber, and they can help prevent constipation and make way for a clear digestive tract.

Having such high fiber content, Lima beans are a good pick for those who are having problems with high Cholesterol. This legume has the capacity to lower or regulate cholesterol levels.
Lima beans also help regulate blood sugar levels; making this legume an ideal side for those who suffer from diabetes and other insulin-related health problems.

So, are Lima beans good for you? You bet! With all the health benefits you’ll receive in a daily intake of the Lima beans, you’ll surely have a healthy body with well-regulated cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Having a daily serving of Lima beans can never be a health risk for anyone.


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