How Many Calories In Applesauce?

In one cup of unsweetened, canned applesauce, there are approximately 105 calories and hardly any fat to speak of. How many calories in applesauce varies greatly by brand and sweeteners.  For example, one cup of Motts unsweetened organics applesauce offers half that number 50 calories per cup.

Surprisingly, the calories in sweetened applesauce are not that different.  In fact, one cup of typical sweetened applesauce offers about 155 calories, while some varieties are 125 calories or 135 calories.  The number does vary with brand type. Classic cinnamon flavored applesauce yields about the same number of calories.  There are 120 calories in one cup of cinnamon flavored applesauce.  There are also 25 grams of carbohydrates, of which 23 grams come from sugars.

Applesauce is popular as a breakfast food, given to babies or added into baking products in place of fatty oils.  Applesauce is a healthy alternative to cooking with oil, which lessens the calories found in the baked goods. However, if you are trying to cut your calories, applesauce may not be a wise choice for breakfast or snacks because it is high in carbs.

Reducing your calorie intake to a half-cup, rather than consuming a full cup can reduce the calories by nearly 50%.  The key to cutting calories while eating applesauce is to reduce portions and opt for the lowest calorie brand you can find.

Don't overdo, or you will be left feeling bloated and in need of a good workout to burn off the extra calories.

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