How Many Calories in an Egg Roll?

In one traditional, Chinese vegetable egg roll, there are 125 calories. It is not uncommon for people to eat two standard sized egg rolls with each meal, so the calorie content can be calculated at 250 calories or more.

Egg rolls are a common fare when eating out at a Chinese food restaurant.  There are a number of varieties of egg rolls including pork, chicken, beef or veggie.

The most common egg roll is the vegetable stuffed roll.  The calories vary, but not by a lot, depending on the style of egg roll ordered. While one vegetable egg roll may contain 125 calories, a pork or chicken egg roll may contain 115 calories.  It is the sauce, deep fried roll and meat that adds calories to the egg roll.

Dipping sauces are common when eating egg rolls.  To keep the calories lower, you may want to dip the egg roll into soy sauce, as opposed to high calorie sweet and sour sauces.  One container of sauce can add more than 50 calories onto the overall number. If you want to enjoy your egg roll with a sweet sauce, but do not want the added calories you can purchase low calorie egg roll sauce at the local supermarket, health food store, or Asian market.

To keep the calorie count down on your egg roll try baking it in light oil and using low calorie, low sugar egg roll sauce. That way you can enjoy an egg roll or two without breaking from your healthy eating habits.

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