How Many Calories In An Artichoke?

There are not as many calories in an artichoke as one might think.  In the entire artichoke (large size and weighing about 165 grams) there are 75 calories. This means that you can steam an artichoke and eat the entire thing and never gain a pound, that is unless you are eating junk food on the side.  Artichokes are a great weight loss food because they are extremely low in calories and provide an excellent source of nutrition. Artichokes are meaty in texture and fill you up instead of packing on inches to your waistline.

One medium sized artichoke, weighing about 130 grams, only contains 55-60 calories.  This means that eating two medium sized artichokes only provides 120 calories total and enough fiber that will last you through the day.  The most healthy way to prepare artichokes is to steam them.  This keeps the calorie content low without destroying the natural taste of the vegetable.  While steaming is among the most popular way to enjoy artichokes, pickled is the second most popular way.

When an artichoke is pickled, much of the natural flavor is eliminated.  Pickled or marinated artichoke hearts contain about 25-30 calories in two pieces.  There is no fat, carbs or cholesterol in artichokes, whether pickled or steamed, but there is a lot of sodium.  In two marinated artichoke hearts there are 110 mg of sodium.

If you want to eliminate sodium from your diet, or have high blood pressure, you may want to avoid eating marinated artichoke hearts and opt for the healthy steamed version.

Suzanne Somers

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