How Many Calories In An Apple Fritter?

Apple Fritters are made with apples, flour, sugar, eggs and milk. Then they are typically deep fried in large vats of cooking oil. They come in all shapes and sizes so the calorie count is relative. The average apple fritter has 400-440 calories.

Maybe it’s the name that make them sound somewhat healthy, but they’re just as bad as any regular old doughnut. Apple fritters that are purchased at restaurants such as Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks are the worst offenders. Those Apple Fritters have as much as 500 calories in them. Add that to a sugary latte drink and you’re easily consuming 1000 calories!

Apple Fritters do not have to be this high in calories. You can purchase low fat fritters at the store that pack a much smaller calorie punch. These healthy fritters can average between 150-225 calories.

Even the healthiest apple fritters should only be enjoyed on occasion as a dessert or snack. It’s easy to fall into the trap of grabbing an apple fritter and latte for breakfast each morning. Let’s say the fritter has 225 calories and the coffee has 150. That adds up to 375 calories that are basically void of any nutritional value. You’ll also probably be hungry a few hours later. If you’re going to enjoy a fritter at least eat the healthy variety and add an egg white omelette with some water.

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