How Many Calories In A Waffle?

There may not be as many calories in a waffle as you might think.  Where the calories soar is in the butter, syrup and toppings piled on top of that waffle.

In one single frozen waffle there are about 100 calories.  In one recipe made buttermilk waffle, prepared in normal fashion, there are approximately 200 calories.  This means that the ‘Leggo my Eggo’ version is a little lower in calories than preparing the family homemade waffles.

Low-fat homestyle waffles made by Kellogg’s yield 80 calories each serving size.  One waffle is equivalent to one serving size.  Some of the nutri-grain versions by Kellogg’s offer even fewer calories.  There are about 70 calories in one nutri-grain or multi-grain frozen waffle made by Kellogg’s.

Low-fat blueberry frozen waffles by Kellogg’s are also low in calories and contain about 73 calories per serving, or one waffle.  Most of the low-fat versions are between 70-80 calories each. Where the calories begin to add up is in the sugary syrup, whipped cream and pats of butter.  Restaurant waffles with all the works can offer between 400-500 calories each.  That is an awful lot of calories!

In order to keep the calories low when eating waffles in a restaurant, eliminate some of the topping and ask for the butter and syrup on the side.  Leaving off the butter alone can reduce the calories by nearly 150 or more.

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