How Many Calories In A Tamale?

Tamales are a Mexican food favorite, but they are anything but low in calories.  One standard beef sized tamale is about 250 calories.  If you eat two or three, you end up consuming nearly 750 calories in one sitting. 

Tamales are made of meat, some beef, some chicken and some pork.  The meat does change the calorie content.  For instance, chicken and pork are much lower in calories than beef and can actually shave off 50 calories per tamale depending on the type of meat used. One standard sized tamale made with chicken offers about 130 calories and 7 grams of fat.  Tamales can be prepared at home or purchased in a restaurant.  However, when ordering from a restaurant expect a higher fat and calorie content because of the ingredients often used.  Lard is one of the most common ingredients used to prepare Tamales and presents an awful lot of fat and calories.

Eliminating the lard to prepare tamales will reduce the calorie content.  If you are trying to cut back on your calorie consumption, it is wise to eat only one tamale at a time.  Eating more will pack on the calories and unwanted weight.  Also, use fresh ingredients and select your meat wisely to keep your calories low.  Chicken is the leanest meat used and offers the lowest number of calories per Tamale.


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