How Many Calories In A Taco Salad?

Taco Salad is a common order placement at Mexican food restaurants because of the word salad.  Many people think that ordering a taco salad is the healthy thing to do. So just how many calories in a taco salad? Its a salad so it has to be healthy, right? Nope. Once the meat, cheese, beans, sour cream and other ingredients are added the entire salad offers well over 1000 calories.

If you are trying to cut calories, a taco salad may not be the best food to order!  1000 calories in a taco salad is a lot especially considering its a salad.
Taco salads typically come in a tortilla bowl and offer about 400 calories.  This is before anything is added to it.

There are a few ways to cut back on the number of calories in a taco salad if you prepare it yourself.  The meat selection should be lean or low in fat.  Using reduced fat and low calorie cheese and sour cream will also help.  Watch your portion sizes and keep the ingredients at a minimum. You may choose to add more lettuce and veggies than meat and sour cream.  This will drastically reduce the number of calories found in the taco salad.

You can also use ground turkey meat which can shed 200 calories off your meal right away.  Cooking the meat in olive oil or light cooking spray will help keep the grease out of your meat.  Also, limit your cheese intake which racks up a lot of calories.


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