How Many Calories In A Sugar Cookie?

A Sugar Cookie is most likely not on your diet menu plan or on your list of fat friendly approved foods, but it is helpful to know how many calories are in a sugar cookie just in case you are watching the number of calories you eat.

One sugar cookie that includes vanilla and is made in the traditional manner is about 80-100 calories.  The fluctuation in calories may vary because of the size of the sugar cookie.  Also, if the cookie is frosted with icing then the number of calories will increase slightly (usually by about 20-40 calories).

There is no low-cal way to make sugar cookies, especially if you want them to be moist and not crunchy. It is the amount of butter used that keeps the cookies soft, and sugar cookie recipes typically call for a lot of butter.  It is also the butter and sugar that rack up the calorie content.

The key to cutting calories with a sugar cookie is to limit the number of cookies you eat.  By doing so, you can greatly reduce your calories. Rather than having two cookies and racking up 200 extra calories, stick to eating one sugar cookie and being done.  They can be tasty and hard to refrain from, but your hips and thighs may thank you when you don't overeat!


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