How Many Calories In A Starburst?

According to the Starburst “nutritional” site, nine Starbursts make up one serving. That one serving has 135 calories in it. Divide 135 by 9 and you get 15 calories. So there you have it. One Starburst has 15 calories in it. That’s not too many, but considering that no one eats just one Starburst, the calories adds up quickly. Most people eat about one serving size which as we discovered has 135 calories in it.

The tart and sweet tiny squares in the colorful wax paper wrappers have been satisfying the sweet tooth of kids and adults since the early 1980′s. Starburst fruit chews come in dozens of different flavors that from traditional to tropical.
The unhealthy thing about Starbursts is they are made up of mostly sugar. These types of calories are called empty calories because they have no nutritional value.
 Empty calories do not fill you up, provide no nutrition, and are converted to fat very quickly in the body.

It’s certainly okay to enjoy Starbursts once in awhile, but eat them on a regular basis and you’ll find it difficult to lose weight. Health experts say that individuals who get 10% or more of their daily calories from empty calorie foods like Starbursts are at risk of obesity.

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