How Many Calories In A Slice Of Pumpkin Pie?

Pumpkin Pie is a great desert that’s enjoyed multiple times per year for a lot of people. Despite the healthy sounding name – there’s nothing healthy about it. Most individuals prepare Pumpkin Pie in a similar fashion so the calorie count is fairly consistent.

The average Pumpkin Pie has approximately 325 calories in it and 18 grams of fat! That’s why it tastes so good, and why we love it. The calorie count of 325 along with the 18 grams of fat is even before the whipped cream topping and the ice cream. Add those two delicious items and you’re looking at several hundred calories.

The pumpkin part of the pie is actually good for you. It’s all those other ingredients that make it taste so good that make it so calorie heavy. It’s possible to make a healthy version of pumpkin pie with low fat ingredients and without the crust. This will keep the calorie count of one slice under 200. While it certainly won’t taste nearly as good, it may be a way to survive the holidays without gaining as much weight.

Pumpkin Pie is also a favorite at many restaurants. The restaurant variety of pumpkin pies has even more calories. One slice and all of the trimmings can run upwards of 800 calories. Ouch! The pie all by itself typically will have 400-450 calories per slice.

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