How Many Calories In A Scone?

There are a wide number of Scone varieties, with the most popular types being plain or strawberry.  Cranberry and blueberry scones are making their way onto breakfast menus in the major coffee shops around the globe, but most people still opt for their standard and plain scone. One standard Scone offers about 150 calories, however, different flavors may cause that number to increase.

Around the holidays, Starbucks offers a pumpkin and spice scone that is quite popular for scone lovers.  The Starbucks version of the scone is a standard sized rich and buttery pastry.  You may be surprised to learn that in that small scone lies nearly 500 calories!  This does not include the extra butter or cream cheese you may add to the pastry.

The ever-popular blueberry scone, also from Starbucks, offers about 480 calories.  In fact, most of Starbucks scones run about 500 calories each.  This is a lot of calories, especially when you are trying to lose weight and restrict the number of calories you consume.

A typical scone with fruit that is purchased in the grocery store or bakery runs about 200 calories each.  Starbucks, like most coffee and pastry shops, enhance the flavor of their scones which adds more calories.  By the time you finish your scone and latte, you may have consumed close to 1000 calories and that is just breakfast!

Suzanne Somers

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