How Many Calories In A Ribeye Steak?

The standard size steak weighs about eight ounces and a ribeye steak is no different.  One eight ounce ribeye steak weighs about 230 grams and contains about 580 calories.  There are no calories derived from carbohydrates, but half of the calories come from protein and half from fat.

A ribeye steak is meat that comes from or near the rib area of the animal.  The cut is very flavorful and tender.  There is little gristle in this cut of meat but because it is so tender, there is a lot of fat.  In one 8-ounce ribeye steak there are 65 grams of protein and 35 grams of fat. Consuming one ribeye steak can contribute to nearly one-third of a persons daily recommended caloric intake.  The steak offers a lot of calories and if you are trying to cut back on your calorie intake, you should really watch your portion sizes of this cut of steak.  Eating a 4-ounce ribeye steak can cut the calories in half and offer you less than 300 calories per portion. Also, eliminating any sauces on top of the steak and cooking it on the grill can also contribute to reducing the number of calories.

Ribeye steak is not recommended to those who are trying to lose weight because it is so high in calories and fat.  There are leaner meat choices that are better for you and your weight loss efforts.


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