How Many Calories in a Red Bell Pepper?

There are not many calories in a Red Bell Pepper, whether cooked or raw.  In fact, there are just 8-10 calories in one ounce of red bell pepper and 40 calories in one entire medium-sized pepper.  The calorie content does not change if the red pepper is cooked or eaten raw.

The best way to keep track of how many calories are eaten is to weigh out a portion on a food scale and determine exactly how much red bell pepper should be added to your salad or snacked on.

Some people argue that red bell peppers are higher in calories than green peppers because of the sweet taste, but this is not true.  Both colors, and yellow included, are about the same calories.  Red bell peppers make great snacks for those trying to lose weight because of their low calorie content and crunchy texture that satisfies a craving for chips, refined carbs and crackers.  Red bell pepper can be munched on in between meals if hunger strikes and the calories consumed will not wreck your diet plan.

Red peppers can be added to a variety of stir fry's, meat dishes, salads and sides.  The taste is satisfying and a little sweet, which can help eliminate a sweet tooth craving.  Also, because red peppers are low in carbs, they can be eaten as a late night snack.

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