How Many Calories in a Quesadilla?

There are many calories in a Quesadilla, but the general consensus is that the more you add to your tortilla medley, the more calories.  If you choose to make a Quesadilla on a flour tortilla with cheese and chicken, you can plan on consuming about 500 calories per Quesadilla.

In order to make a Quesadilla you will need a flour tortilla, grated cheese and lots of meats and veggies.  Most quesadillas are either meat based, as in chicken or pork, or cheese and vegetable. Vegetable quesadillas are a tasty alternative for vegetarians.  Adding mushrooms, green peppers, or spinach does not add hardly any calories to your dish.  However, adding extra cheese, sausage, olives and oils will add calories to your Quesadilla. Also, many people add calories because of the toppings added to their Quesadilla.  Sour cream or ranch dipping sauces can add an additional 80-100 calories, depending on how much is used.

Quesadillas can be cut in calories and provide a healthy Mexican dish by using low fat cheese, whole grain tortilla and lean chicken.  Also, adding vegetables to the Quesadilla can fill you up to where you do not eat more than one at a time. Eliminating fatty sour creams and sauces can eliminate the extra calories that pack on weight.  For a healthy alternative to sour cream, use low fat Greek yogurt.

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