How Many Calories In A Qdoba Burrito?

Qdoba is a chain of Mexican Restaurants known for their use of healthy ingredients. Knowing how many calories are in a Qdoba burrito depends on the exact ingredients.

A Qdoba queso burrito with grilled chicken on a flour tortilla has approximately 600 calories. The same Qdoba queso burrito with ground beef has 640 calories. There are several ways to keep the calories down. Just by adding cheese to any Qdoba burrito will net you an additional 170 calories. For example, a queso burrito with shredded beef on a flour tortilla has 590 calories. Add cheese to it and it jumps up to 760 total calories.

The Qdoba website has a healthy choices page that gives pointers on how to dine healthy at one of their many locations. Customers have the option to order “naked” meals, which mean the meal has all the ingredients except the tortilla or tortilla bowl. By ordering a “naked” meal, you cut off an astounding 335 calories and 55 grams of carbs!

Qdoba also uses light sour cream and extra lean pork and extra lean beef. The pork is the leanest protein on the menu according to Qdoba chefs. If you are going for a super healthy, low calorie option on the menu, that would be the Qdoba grilled veggie burrito with grilled vegetables on a flour tortilla. The seven ounce burrito comes in at just over 350 calories.

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