How Many Calories In A Pop Tart?

Most Pop Tarts, including Kellogg’s, range in calories from 200-220. There are a few varieties of pop tarts that contain 180 calories, but for the most part the average is 200 calories a serving of one pop tart.

While pop tarts are not significantly high in fat, most are high in sugar.  Pop tarts are not considered to be the most healthy breakfast snack, but are not as high in calories as pastries, donuts or other sugary sweets. There are several varieties of low fat pop tarts which offer a similar calorie content of 180-200 calories.  Maple and brown sugar pop tarts seem to be the lowest with 180 calories per pop tart.  Some of the unfrosted pop tarts are also lower in calories than the frosted versions.

There are several new flavors available in pop tarts, including chocolate sundae, banana split and s’mores.  All of these types of pop tarts are higher in calories than the standard fruit version.  Most range from 250-300 calories per pop tart. In two pop tarts, which is what is contained in one package, there are about 400 calories or more.  It is best to keep your portion size lower if you want to reduce your calorie consumption.  Eating only one pop tart is better than eating two, for obvious reasons.

While pop tarts may not be the best choice for breakfast, they are healthier than many other fatty breakfast foods.

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