How Many Calories In A Plum?

In one fresh plum, not canned or processed, is about 35 calories.  That is not a lot of calories for a tasty treat.  Plums are considered to be high in fiber and low in calories, making them a nutritious and healthy snack.

There are a number of different varieties of plums and the calorie content varies ever so slightly.  A regular sized plum yields between 30 and 35 calories and a half of plum offers about 15 calories.  In one cup of sliced plums there are approximately 75 calories.

Pre-packaged or canned plums offer more calories than fresh plums.  In plums packed with juice there are 145 calories in a one cup serving and in plums packed with heavy syrup there are 230 calories in a one cup serving.  There are also plums packed in heavy syrup, which means that the syrup contains more sugar and is thicker.  In one cup of plums packed in heavy syrup there are about 265 calories per one cup serving size.

Pickled plums, while not as popular in America, offer 35 calories per pickled plum.  The calorie content of a pickled plum is not that much different than a regular untreated plum because there is hardly any sugar added to the mix.  Pickled plums are as healthy for you as eating a regular raw plum. Plums contain a lot of fiber, so watch your intake at one sitting.

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