How Many Calories In A Pint Of Guinness?

Guinness Beer is a popular brand known for its robust flavor and great taste. The brand has become well known and sells millions of dollars worth every single year. Experts say that enjoying an occasional beer is okay as long as you do so within limits. With that said, how many calories in a pint of Guinness are there?

The answer is 210 calories. There are also 17 grams of carbs in a pint of Guinness. That's actually not too bad for an entire pint of beer. Of course its not good for weight loss, but as far as beer goes, its not a bad choice. Of course, drinking more than just a few pints per week is probably going to stop your weight loss efforts dead in their tracks.

Drinking just one pint every single day would add nearly 1,500 unnecessary calories to your diet in just one week. That would most likely push your calorie deficit into a calorie surplus. The bad thing about beer is that its not just calories, but empty calories. That means it provides no nutrition and does not fill you up. Bad news for you beer lovers out there. But knowing how many calories in a pint of Guinness is still important to know. That way you can calculate where you need to cut in other areas or how much you need to increase your exercise.

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