How Many Calories in a Peach?

There are not many calories in a peach compared to other snacks and treats.  A regular sized peach contains just 40 calories and is full of nutritional value.  A peach weighing 100 grams and has not been peeled contains less calories than a banana or many other kinds of fruit.

The reason peaches are low in calories is mainly because it is comprised of nearly 80% water. Peaches provide an excellent source of dietary fiber and are often used as a substitute for prunes because of their properties that relief constipation.  Peaches act as a mild laxative and are great for the digestive system.

Peaches offer excellent antioxidant properties for the body as well and contain as much vitamin C as a small orange or grapefruit.  The antioxidants found in peaches are ideal for helping fight the battle on many cancers and diseases, as well as assist in the integrity and glow of the skin.  Peaches contain vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, niacin and lots of fiber making it one of the best fruits to eat for the immune system and weight loss.

The low amount of calories offered in just one small peach provides a nutritious snack that doesn’t pack on the weight.  Peaches are low in calories when eaten with or without the peal, but watch for canned peaches in syrup that may be up to four times as many calories.


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