How Many Calories In A Mojito?

A Mojito Cocktail is the perfect summer time refreshing drink. Its made with spearmint leaves, rum, club soda, sugar and little lime. The drink is first made by crushing the leaves and slowly pouring in the soda and rum. Its the perfect combination of sweet, sour and minty. Now that we know what a Mojito is and how to make one how many calories in a Mojito are there?

One standard Mojito served at a restaurant contains 200-215 calories in it!
That packs quite the caloric punch and is a sure way to end blowing your diet. In fact, the Mojito is one of the worst drinks to consume if you're trying to lose or even maintain your weight. The reason is the added sugar and soda in combination with the added calories from the alcohol. 
There are other version of Mojitos that add sweet syrups and juices that can take the calorie count all the way up to 300. This is why health and weight loss experts recommend people cut way down on their alcohol consumption when dieting.

Its okay to consume a Mojito now and again, but if you really want to lose weight you're going to have to make up for those extra calories by adding in more exercise or cutting out more calories. Stick to one a week.

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