How Many Calories In A Milkshake?

Milkshakes have been around almost as long as milk. They are a good source of calcium, but no one in their right mind would call them healthy.  Today most people get their milkshakes from fast food places such as McDonalds and Sonic places not exactly known for their healthy food items. Of course it depends on the type and size, but one 10 ounce milkshake contains approximately 275 calories.

So what about the calories in a McDonalds milkshake? One small milkshake from McDs has 320 calories in it along with 10 grams of fat, 52 grams of sugar, and 47 grams of carbs. Talk about sugar rush!

You don't even want to know how many calories are in a large milkshake from McDonalds. There are 600 calories in a large 22 ounce shake. To go along with astronomical calorie count there are 95 grams of carbs and 86 grams of sugar.
If you really want to enjoy a milkshake then make one at home with low fat frozen yogurt, skim milk, and sugar free syrup. This concoction has just 175 calories in one medium sized shake. That's far better than the type you get at the drive thru.

If you want to lose weight then you'll need to skip the fast food milkshake and try the homemade healthy version.

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