How Many Calories In A Meatball?

Most people do not think of a meatball as being low in calories or a common diet food.  Meatballs are typically found in pasta dishes or sandwiches and offer an awful lot of calories.  However, there are ways to cut calories in your preparation of the Italian meatball.

On average, there are 80-125 calories in a meatball.  The calorie number goes up or down depending on a few factors. What kind of meat did you use?  Did you add breadcrumbs and eggs to keep the meat intact?  Did you lather the meatball in sauce before baking or frying?

In an effort to cut calories, the first way to cut calories during meatball preparation is to select the best choice meat.  This means that you may be saying goodbye to beef and selecting a lean turkey breast meat that has been ground in hamburger meat fashion.  If you must have a beef meatball, then look for the leanest selection you can find.  The less fat in the beef, the lower the calories you will have in your meatball.

You know the calories in a beef meatball, so what about turkey meatballs?  In two turkey meat meatballs made with lean ground turkey breast, there are about 100 calories.  That is a huge difference in calories.  Now, remember to watch your portions and you wont destroy your weight loss efforts.

Suzanne Somers

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