How Many Calories In A McDonalds Breakfast Burrito?

One of their increasingly popular breakfast items is the McDonalds Breakfast Burrito. So how many calories in a McDonalds breakfast burrito are there? Lets take a look and find out.

There are two different kinds of burritos the McSkillet with sausage and the McSkillet with steak.
The McSkillet burrito with sausage has 610 calories.
The McSkillet burrito with steak has 570 calories.

These burritos are not at all healthy. To go along with the high calories, each of these items has 36 and 30 grams of fat respectively. Health and weight loss experts say that eating this type of food on a regular basis puts the individual at risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, and heart attack.

Eating McDonalds breakfast items with this many calories and fat can also affect your mental and physical performance. This type of food with little to no nutrition and high amounts of carbs and fat can make one feel sluggish, tired and mentally unfocused.

Its best to eat a breakfast high in protein, complex carbs and low in fat. Eating this type of breakfast will help you lose weight and feel full of energy.


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