How Many Calories In A Margarita?

Ever considered how many calories are in a margarita, either on the rocks or shaken?  The number varies greatly depending on the ingredients.  There are a number of variations of this classic Mexican cocktail, but traditionally the drink is made of tequila and orange juice or an orange-flavored juice.  Most margaritas are mixed with Triple Sec, an orange flavored liqueur that works well when mixing on the rocks or blending with ice.

In a standard 3-4 ounce margarita glass that consists of the same amount of a traditionally blended margarita there are approximately 150 calories.  Give or take a couple of calories if more or less liqueur or tequila is added.  The drink contains no fat, 6-8 grams of carbohydrates, and nearly 600 mg of sodium.  You can eliminate the sodium by leaving it off the rim of the glass.  Most margarita glasses are dipped in salt so that there is a rim of sodium around the lip of the glass.

Normally when eating out at a Mexican restaurant or hitting a bar, people consume more than one margarita.  The calorie count, of course, increases when you share a pitcher of margaritas with a friend.  If splitting a pitcher, you can plan on consuming at least 3 drinks, which would up the calorie count to close 500 calories.  If you are trying to lose weight, you should restrict your number of drinks or leave the margarita completely off the menu.  There is no effective way to cut calories in a margarita, because low cal tequila doesn’t exist, but you can reduce the number of drinks you take in.


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